Interior design & architect

AB Export Srl is a specialized Corporation for the development of Low_Medium_High-end projects.

AB Export Srl offers the full range of interior and exterior architectural design services. In collaboration with our project department C’est Moi di Alessandro Bellaro, we work in order to satisfy the customers’ needs, with layout renders and projects.

For each client our involvement differs: we select and tailor our services to meet your needs – project planning, budget and cost estimating, scheduling and delivery methods.

Our approach to architecture is simple: we listen to you, we design for you and we deliver to you.

The strict collaboration with all the above different working teams for over three decades trained us to reach a qualified experience, enabling us to provide the best service to all our business friends all over the world, by:

- Selecting the required items for each single project, according to the target price; order placing to the several makers
- Production check at the manufacturing phases
- Overall view of the whole project for the coordination of all single steps, to obtain a synchronization of deliveries, finishing details, in compliance with the original order
- Daily contact with the architects and designers to check any adjustment to the maker’s standard production and implement of new projects
- Checking of delivery schedule and shipment in due time.